Float enriches the workspace environment by improving interpersonal space and enhancing meaningful interactions. As a truly flexible solution Float is designed to improve dynamic short-term workflow.

The objective with FLOAT is to improve informal interactions for people.



The concept is inspired by our in-depth research into the postures assumed by small groups of workers and those working individually. We were struck by how inappropriate seating solutions caused awkward interactions and how ill-conceived tables created unsatisfactory solutions.



We’ve developed a truly modular and flexible solution that acknowledges the need for adaptable ergonomics, during ‘Away from the Desk’ activities. FLOAT‘s unique aesthetic, is guided primarily by the spatial requirements of the dynamic human form.



We considered the many crucial factors affecting its creation. Using the in-house capabilities of Grey Fox, we highlighted the company wide enthusiasm, light-hearted and considered approach to furniture and work solutions. We created an impossibly light, novel and multi-functional ‘hero’ product, which forms the DNA for a wide range of accompanying products that create the FLOAT collection.





  • How can an armrest become a worksurface?



  • How can the front and the back of the chair be thought of as equally important?



  • What if there was no front or back to the furniture?



  • How can we Float the backrest, so we can use the entire 360 degree surface?




We are so proud to have been awarded by the A Design Awards in 2016

The Institute of Designers in Ireland, has awarded FLOAT as a category winner in their 2015 annual award ceremony