Established in 2016, Grey Fox is a collaboration between Thomas Montgomery Ltd, a respected multi-generation manufacturer, Walls to Workstations (W2W), a specialist interiors provider, and Perch Design, a leading research and design studio specialising in applied human movement.


Grey Fox is a research led operation whose ambition is to develop, produce and distribute high quality, humanised solutions for the 21st Century work-scape.  Using intelligent design, biophilic and circular economy principles our solutions are responsible, important and beautiful.




Our goal, in Grey Fox is to improve the lives of our end-users and become a global leader in Body Conscious Design.

It's all about interactions

It's all about Posture

It's all about Group Size

It's all about User Needs

We are inspired by the casual interactions that occur in the workplace. These interactions can often be hindered by inconsiderate design.

We understand the need to be mechanically correct, ergonomically sound and aesthetically beautiful. Furniture and work solutions should be equally balanced between purposeful use and elegant form.

Grey Fox designs solutions that respond to the needs of the end user. From observing and analysing how people move, throughout the work day, we found new ways to think about how furniture can be designed.

When we pay close attention to the casual and informal interactions that happen, person-to-person and person-to-environment, new furniture solutions begin to design themselves, out of pure reactionary sketches.

Design Inspirations